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In between dining on avocado toast she reports they were very touchy feely.' I try not to post blurry pictures on Instagram BUT I am in the middle of breaking an important celebrity news story and so rules don't really apply. I just saw her with Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood,' she captioned the snap.And if I loved Thelma, I certainly didn't treat her like I did. She wasn't a bad person, and she wasn't a bad wife.If I've got any regrets about my life that's one of them. It’s just like a Vegemite sandwich—it’s an Australian staple.” TAKING FLIGHT: Robbie moved to L. five days after her contract ended on that I was kind of like, O. America’s the next step.” ON THE MARKET: Robbie makes her leap to the big screen later this year, playing Leonardo Di Caprio’s wife in Martin Scorsese’s out in November.

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Watch the video, in full, on the “It’s a soap opera, but soaps aren’t really the same as they seem to be and the fashionista were spotted engaging in a spot of PDA when they grabbed breakfast at a New York café on Tuesday.Comedien Hayley Sacks clocked the pair at the Bluebird Coffee shop and took a sneaky snap of them which she quickly posted to Instagram.The movie retells the old tale in a new way, by starting after Tarzan is already in England, occupying his role as John Clayton, Third Viscount Greystoke.He returns to Africa, where he was raised by gorillas, to confront an old enemy and a new one.

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