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Quick Books provides us with while developing my CCRQInvoice invoice utility for Quick Books, and I’ll run through a simple example here with an invoice.Note that these steps are essentially the same for invoices, sales orders, estimates and sales receipts (and very similar to what you can do with purchase orders).General Ledger - a record of all financial transactions within an entity Goodwill - an intangible asset reflecting the value of an entity in excess of its tangible assets Income Statement - a summary of income and expenses Inventory - merchandise purchased for resale at a profit Inventory Valuation - the method to set the book value of unsold inventory: i.e.“LIFO,” last in, first out; “FIFO,” first in, first out; “average,” an average cost over a given period, “last cost,” the cost based on the last purchase; “standard,” a “deemed” amount related to but not tied to a specific purchase, “serialized,” based on a uniquely identifiable serial number or character of each inventory item Invoice - the original billing from the seller to the buyer, outlining what was purchased and the terms of sale, payment, etc.If you’ve used Quick Books’ little brother product, Quicken, much of the information that you see here will be familiar.

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Nelson Quick Books 2012 also supplies a command and window for recording bank deposits.For our simple example we’ll create an invoice form for a computer repair shop.On each invoice I want to have a field in the invoice header that identifies the particular computer system that was worked on, and for each detail line in the invoice I want to specify (if appropriate) the serial number of the component that was repaired.Alternatively maintaining 2 revenue accounts, one for the billed amount and one for the "top-up" amount.Thus you do not reverse you original entry, but merely post the additional revenue.

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