Updating xml using linq dating kp st lady

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Save("data.xml"); Can we really recommend calls to To List? Value == "1" select item; foreach (XElement item Element in items) xml Doc. Map Path("data.xml")); XDocument xml Doc = XDocument. Map Path("data.xml")); foreach (var item in (from item in xml Doc. Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) brings query capabilities into the C# language itself.

Set Element Value("title", "this is the new title") ref_how_it_works.

It is very common for applications to use data in SQL databases or XML documents.

Traditionally, developers had to learn a primary programming language, such as C#, and a secondary language, such as SQL or XQuery.

First Or Default() If (ref_how_it_works Is Nothing) Then Return End If ref_how_it_works.

but one doubt.i have to query again for Element Street1?

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