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I just realized this morning that over the past two years, I have designed a grand total of eight different Cthulhu creations. Most can be seen over in The Pink Toque Shop, but I thought it might be nice to feature all of the tentacled goodness together in one place to show just how much tentacles have taken over my brain and my crafting time.

So here you have it, a special post featuring a consolidated collection of my Cthulhu crafts. The Cthulhu Toque First up is my crochet Cthulhu Toque, which began to take shape in my mind in late 2008, but was not fully ready and released until spring of 2009.

Her character on from the show and asked to take her picture (after I had sneaked one earlier, unsure if we were supposed to or not! Seeing all of the people dressed up as their favorite characters was also a lot of fun; Oona especially loved all of the Ana and Elsas there were from will be there, and it looks like the “meet and get your picture taken with an actor you really like” bug has hit them hard. Emily was something or other from an Anime series that I know nothing about. Oona found Elsa and Ana to have her picture taken with. Sadly I found out later that two more of the Lannister clan were there as well and I missed out on a pic of all of them together. Everyone’s most treasured moment for the day was meeting Billie Piper. She was everything they had hoped for: lovely and friendly.

It was well worth the wait in line and the aggravation of dealing with a very disorganized convention to see the looks on my kids’ faces.

Which means hopefully lots of relaxing and knitting! This past weekend was a wonderful holiday weekend filled with friends, cooking, swimming, and doggies.

Neither Paul nor I had ever been to one of these conventions, and it wasn’t something we ever thought we’d wind up doing, but when we found out that Billie Piper would be there and that we could get the girls’ pictures taken with her, we knew we needed to be there. After that, I have my weekends free until my sister's wedding in July. My mom, sister and I are going down to LA this weekend for a family wedding and a day at Disneyland. I knit a few hats for Erica's baby shower (thanks Anne for taking pictures! Usually, I need a solid chunk of hours to write patterns and that tends to happen on the weekend when I'm free. I think I forgot to tell you guys that Fiar is now available for individual sale on Ravelry. 7 more super busy days at work until it is officially summer! You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds, or you may click here.

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